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    No empty promises here—only proven performance and efficacy you can count on vetted by science and real-world application.

    • Molecular Food

      A PhD on FrogFuel

      "Because FrogFuel™ is concentrated and predigested, the complete amino acid profile is in a form that can be immediately used by the body to build muscle and aid in recovery — allowing athletes to enjoy the powerful benefits of hydrolyzed protein WHILE exercising; Some protein products will not benefit the body for many hours. However FrogFuel™ is different in that it benefits the body immediately rebuilding muscles and aiding in recovery."Dr. Joyce Gilbert, PhD, RD, LD/N, Director, Marilyn Magaram Center for Food Sciences, Cal State Northridge

    • FrogFuel benefits extend well beyond building lean muscle mass. Collagen protein (in the form of collagen hydrolysate) has been shown to improve skin hydration and decrease joint pain in athletic and diseased populations. In addition, collagen hydrolysate possesses excellent bioavailability. Several clinical studies have suggested a role for collagen hydrolysate in the management of osteoarthritis, based on the fact that hydrolyzed collagen with its abundant amino acids plays a role in cartilage matrix synthesis (Download PDF)

    • Our protein is an FDA qualified medical food used in hospitals and health care facilities across the country for everything from wound care and post surgery recovery to malnutrition. FDA approved production facility and warehousing ensure strict quality control.

    • Molecular Food

      Everything You Need, Nothing You Don't

      Our proprietary formulation process includes ‘pre-digestion’ with fruit enzymes for rapid absorption at the cellular level, fortified aminos to make a complete protein, and taurine for maximum power. NO Sugar, NO Fat, NO Cholesterol, NO Gluten, and NO Lactose; just 15 grams of protein in a great tasting 1-oz serving.